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Graze Review - June 2015 + Promo Code!

Graze is a food subscription box you can set up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery. You can also select not only the quantity of the variety pack they offer which includes all their snacks (4 for $6 or 8 for $10 pack, respectively), but the box type. They have any and every type of box you could desire. Special diet? They have you covered. Not into sweets? Or ONLY into sweets? They've got you too. Their box types include:

  • Calorie Count Box, 8 for $10 - all snacks included come under 150 calories each, but you're still getting full flavor and satisfaction. Honestly a lot of my favorites are listed under this category. Like Pizza Margherita, Grilled Cheese, Caramel Apple and Lemon Almond Cookie Dippers with Blueberry Compote!
  • Sugar Count Box, 8 for $10 - all snacks included have under 5 grams of sugar, and all the sugar honestly in my experience is natural from fruit - not additional. You get Soups, Maple Pecan Granola Topper, Southern BBQ Pistachios and more. Don't confuse this box for low carb however, if you're diabetic. There's currently no box that caters 100% to diabetics, but this box if you're controlled can fit within your diet quite well. There's just a lot of savory snacks, but most whole grain at least! Try at your own discretion.
  • Protein Box, 8 for $10 - just as you'd think, loaded with protein for those needing more in their diet or bulking up. Lots of nuts including some of my favorites like Sour Cream & Onion Cashews, Brooklyn Bites and Super Kale & Edamame. 
  • Savory Box - for savory snack lovers, with snacks like Chili Lime Cashews, Soups, Popcorn, Grilled Cheese, Barbeque Sub and so many more!
  • Flapjack Box - for those who love their flapjacks, which are delicious little moist and dense bars filled with rolled oats and whole grains typically. A lot of them packed with protein and perfect for people with active lifestyles. Flavors can include Lemon Drizzle, Cocoa & Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon and Honeycomb with a chocolate drizzle.
  • Sweet Treat Box - just as it sounds, a box for those with a sweet tooth that won't stop. It includes delicious snacks like my all time favorite Iced Cinnamon Bun, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dippers with a Berry Compote, Honey Drizzled Cashews - and the list just goes on.
  • Sharing Box, $25 - all new, 5 bags (20 portions) monthly of a huge variety of your favorites. Closest thing you can get to purchasing bigger orders of their snacks, and I'll be getting one next month to review. So we can all see what that's like!

They also include a nifty section on their site under your personal options titled 'Food Preferences' that allows you to see things unsuitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Celiacs/Gluten Free Diets, Dairy and Soya allergies, Fruit & Nut allergies, people with issues with Spicy food and ones that require special preparation like a Microwave. They allow you to view the snacks that fall under each category and 'trash' them so you'll never receive them. This is the one feature I love most about Graze - you get randomized snacks tailored to you. Don't like something? Trash it and you'll never see it again. Obsessed with something? Select 'love' and you'll receive it more often. You can do this with not only the snacks you receive but ALL snacks on their site. Onto my box, though.

Unopened box, topside.
First view of the inside.
Detailed view of snacks.

My box arrived on June 27th in perfect conditionI opt for the monthly variety pack right now. which includes 4 of any of their delicious snacks.

I was pleasantly surprised I FINALLY got one of their various soups they released a few months ago. I've been waiting for one for a while. I was checking every box (they have a feature on their site to see what your current box includes) for it and eventually gave up. So this was a nice surprise addition.

Bowl of sadness.
First snack I received, as you can see, is the Japanese Miso Soup with a side of Roasted Edamame Beans. See the link for ingredients. The soup comes in paste form, and asks you to combine the paste with 8oz of hot water. Inside the paste is a few sheets of Wakame seaweed, but I honestly expected when I heard 'soup' for perhaps the side to be something like rice noodles or at least a vegetable blend you could add into the soup. But I ignored it, and prepared the soup at the same time as my dearest friend who also received this in her box. You can check out her review here.

We nibbled on our Edamame and both came to the agreement that they were fantastic. I'd definitely purchase something like this frequently as a savory snack. They were rich, and had a nice nutty toastiness from being roasted. Deep crunch, lightly salted and just wonderful. But unfortunately - and you'll see why I say that soon - our soup was ready. 

This is where I'd put in a picture if I had one, but I don't, however you can see my friend's by going to her page once again located here. In short, though? It was horrible. Broth tasted like genuinely nothing but soy sauce, but super watered down soy sauce. I sipped it a few times to make sure it wasn't just my taste buds needing time to acclimate. It wasn't. It was still just salty and sad. But I still decided to try a little bite of the seaweed included. Worst mistake. Both of us instantly spat it out and felt deeply saddened by our experience. It was rubbery, flavorless and not at all pleasing in any way. I trashed it on their page, and I'm now skeptical of their other soups - but I WILL try them all. NO FEAR.

The most delicious thing on earth.
Next up is this bad boy, my ALL time favorite snack Graze offers - Iced Cinnamon Bun. Which includes Cinnamon & Honey Almonds, Yogurt Coated Sunflower Seeds and Vanilla Cookie Drops. See the link for nutritional information. 

There's literally nothing about this snack I can say negatively. The almonds are crusted with sweet and sticky honey and cinnamon; and they're perfectly roasted with a deep nutty flavor and the perfect crunch. The vanilla cookie drops offer a light sweetness, with a crispy element and the sunflower seeds taste honestly like icing. Entirely. They all go perfectly with one another or can be enjoyed on their own. My personal preference is eating the almonds first then the cookie drops and sunflower seeds together. Fantastic, and I wish so badly they'd make a big bag of these. Needless to say I rated these LOVE and requested they send them soon.

Please more cashews, never enough cashews <3
And here we have Zesty Chili Lime Cashews. Exactly as they're advertised - zesty lime and spice covered cashews. I don't know if I'd call these chili, they have some pretty crazy varied spices on them if you read the nutritional information listed above. But they do offer a light heat, so I'll allow the name I suppose :P

They're pretty basic, heavily spiced with tart lime flavor. Nicely roasted, not overpowering at all, perfect little snack for anyone who loves the savory and cashews like I do. I marked them as LOVE and requested they send them soon. I'll take any cashews, any time. Especially when they're this delicious. They're not quite my all time favorite Sour Cream & Onion, but they'll definitely do. 

Delicious little gummy treats.
And finally, we have Stars & Stripes. Which includes Mini Blackcurrant Stars, Raspberry Strings and Blueberry Flavored Cranberries. The first two are created using various purees and juices to form them together. See nutritional information for more.

They were all great together, and individually. I didn't quite care for the Blueberry Flavored Cranberries, however. They were a little too cloying, and sickeningly sweet for my tastes. Though I did truly appreciate previous 'infused' fruits they offered like cherry flavored cranberries, these just didn't work for me. But all together they were able to blend in well and I barely noticed the flavor. The raspberry strings were the real winners here though. While I was pleased with the blackcurrant stars and they offered tons of flavor and a light gummy texture, the raspberry strings were basically just raspberry fruit leather which happens to be my favorite kind. All in all I rated this Love, I wouldn't mind seeing it again. It's much better to me than a lot of their fruit combinations.

That's all I've got! If you're looking to try out Graze, you can get your first box free by entering the code AmberT9CP on the first page to get your 1st and 5th boxes free. You can of course just get your first box free and cancel any time if you dislike the service, but I'm positive you won't. Enjoy!

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