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Love With Food Review - June 2015

I've been subscribed to Love With Food for over and year and I've never regretted it. I subscribed to them when my previous favorite food subscription service - Goodie Box - closed their services. They gave me a free month and I'm so glad I decided to try it out. It's a monthly subscription box full of various foods, all of which are pretty great for you and easy to find in stores locally. At least, for me they are. 

You'll find popular brands like popchips, Lindt, Annie's, Jer's, Lovely Candy Co. and so many more. But what I love most is that you find new brands you never thought of trying, or maybe were too scared to because of the price or the healthy labels. I know from experience a lot of labels that read Gluten Free, or Vegan can be a little scary because not too long ago it meant flavorless, boring. But they're exceptionally good at finding things that are healthy for you, with ingredient lists you can pronounce and understand that are also somehow delicious. Bonus? Every box you buy, one meal is given to a hungry child in need. So you give back without even thinking about it. There's nothing negative I would say about this service, ever.

Remember to review your products if you subscribe for points you can use to get discounts off your orders through them! Which you'll find yourself doing more often than you'd think, surprisingly. They constantly have discounted bulk orders of your favorite treats you've received, and they have every item up the send in case it's hard to find in your area. I personally have ordered from them multiple times, the most recent of which I bought something they sent me last year I absolute cannot live without now. Burrito & Taco Seasoning from Desert Gardens Chile & Spice Company. It's the best taco seasoning I've ever tried and an order of $10.98 got me 10 packets, when their retail price is $3.45 on the company's website. And I'm soon going to order something in this month's box. Read ahead for what that something is!

Now what's the price of such a fantastic box? NEW LOW PRICE of $9.99/mo. Before it was $12 due to shipping costs. It's a fantastic price, and you get 40% off using this link now!

Boxes were delayed this month so I got mine pretty late, on June 20th. Arrived in perfect condition though, awaiting my binging :P this month's box is entitled Saturday in the Park Sunshine!

My opinion? Fantastic box this month. With only ONE thing out of the entire box I didn't particularly like, but I appreciated it's concept. If you'd like to purchase this months box, it's available on Love With Food's website. See here for more details. 

Onto the items! My favorite thing of the month, that I'll be ordering ASAP is:

Emily's Northwest Trail Mix, $17.99 for 18 0.85 oz bags @ Love With Food
I fell absolutely in love with this trail mix. Whole roasted cashews & almonds for a nice salty, toasty and nutty kick paired with delicious diced cinnamon apples, raisins and cranberries. It's the perfect mix of salty and sweet, but everything was so fresh tasting. And I was really genuinely pleased with the cinnamon apple dices. Usually you find apples in trail mixes to be chewy and rubbery, and generally unpleasant. But the texture was superb in this and the flavor was fantastic. And their short, concise and healthy ingredients list made me smile and feel great about my snack choice. I'll definitely be buying this, and while the bags are small they're I feel the perfect snack portion. And coming in at $1 each through Love With Food, it's a decent deal. Their retail price is $21.25 for the same 18 on the company's website.

Bali's Best Classic Iced Tea Candy, $8.99 100ct @ Love With Food
Delightful little hard candies that taste exactly like fresh brewed black tea. Lightly sweet, not at all too powerful. They're perfect if you're a tea lover, and I'm buying some next month. I'm obsessed now. Best value I've found online is at Love With Food. 100 for $9? Yes please.

Popchips' Crazy Hot Chips, unavailable but may be in stores near you
These are currently unavailable for purchase online from what I can see and I didn't find any in stores near me. I'm just glad Love With Food subscribers were lucky enough to be able to test them. I say lucky because they were delicious. Super smoky, a great mouth burn for those who love spicy (heat) foods. They delivered the heat, also, without sacrificing flavor. Other 'hot' chips such as Hot Fries, or Flamin' Hot Cheetos, you often find just provide a lot of heat without any complexity. I love those too, but sometimes you want to taste the chile flavor, and get little hints of vinegar and spices - these chips really give you that. I would recommend to anyone. I'm not the biggest fan of popchips, they taste strange to be typically, but these are perfect.

Everything Savory Bar by Sheffa, $12.99 for 12 0.64oz bars @ Love With Food
Smells like beef Ramen, tastes like beef Ramen ground down and fused into a bar with some nuts added in, yet somehow is vegan and has no nuts at all? Call me confused but intrigued. The bar is Non GMO, Vegan, contains no nuts, soy or corn and is Gluten Free and Low Sodium. I have NO idea how they fit all this flavor into a bar with only 50mg of sodium and made it taste like beef Ramen. It's confusing, and strange, and delicious. It's Kosher and made in Israel, has 14% of your daily fiber and is loaded with healthy seeds including Poppy, Sunflower and Sesame. I loved it, and one day I may be tempted to buy them. That's if my significant other doesn't buy them first, because he's in love with them.

Sheila G's Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle, $18.85 for 20 1oz bags @ Amazon
What can I say? Chocolatey, crispy, delicious melty chocolate chips in every bite. It's what you'd expect. Absolute delicious. I've bought them in store several times before, and I'll never stop. Not a surprise in my box, but they still made me really happy. And the 1oz bag is the perfect snack size, truly. I might actually just buy the bags I found on amazing since they're perfect servings and cheaper per ounce than in store!

Funny Face's Choo Choo Cherry Flavored Cranberries, $7.99 for 12 boxes @ Love With Food
Simple, but great. Very soft and supple, but with a nice bite - so way better than Craisins already. Nice and lightly sweetened with a great cherry flavor. Natural cherry flavor, too, none of that horrible sickeningly sweet maraschino flavor here. I'd definitely buy these in the future. Way better than any raisins/Craisins I've ever tried, hands down.

Rosemary Croccantini by La Panzanella, $9.99 for 12 packs @ Love With Food
I unfortunately can't try these because I'm allergic to Rosemary, but I'm told they're quite delicious and have tons of great aromatics. Heavily salted, and very dense, but would be great with hummus or other dips.

Kutoa Blueberry Almond Health Bar, $18.97 for 4 @ Amazon
Okay, let's start with the prices I've found online before we even get to the product. They're ridiculous, often the bars come out to be at least $3 each and that's heavily discounted. Now for taste - they're horrible. Some people will throw out the gluten free/vegan card when trashing this, but I won't. I've had SO many gluten free/vegan items that are fantastic. My significant other's mother makes the most delicious gluten free cookies. I know how wonderful it can be. And I've had vegan breakfast bars before that just burst with flavor, because of the fruits used and they used this simple syrup as a binder made from watermelon. So that's not why these are horrible. These are horrible because they're dry, yet sticky so I'm confused by the texture heavily, they're very raw tasting, and I'm barely getting any blueberry flavor honestly. 

Worst part is there's 17g of sugar in this one little bar, 2 types of sweeteners (Agave & Brown Rice Syrup). One of which, Brown Rice Syrup, is just as bad for you as sugar in the long run. It's empty calories, and is 100% Glucose and spikes your blood sugar. So for advertising themselves as 'healthy' they're kind've the opposite. I wouldn't care if they didn't slap all these labels claiming to be healthy on themselves. I still eat horrible for me chocolate bars, and the brownie brittle from earlier. But they don't falsely advertise. I would never repurchase or suggest anyone else try them. I appreciate what they're trying to do even if they're failing, and that they're non-GMO, but I'm good making my own. Thanks.

*UPDATE: My significant other had one in his box too, and his was actually moist and VERY packed with blueberry flavor. Still very raw tasting but at least I could finish it. He didn't want it but I had it and didn't hate it. I still wouldn't ever pay for it, or choose it over some of my other favorite bars, though. Just less terrible than I though. But honestly for their price they should NEVER be hit/miss. Still has the insane sugar content too.

Total value? Hard to say, honestly, but well over the $10 I paid for sure. Well worth your money.

If you'd like to subscribe, I have links throughout the blog post but you can also just click here!

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