Monday, December 15, 2014

A pre-introduction, if you will.

I thought my first post should be a preface to all my future postings, so we can clarify what you can expect to see here. I'm only actively subscribed to a few of the boxes I'll be reviewing for the month of December. Most of them I got free codes, or a certain amount off due to a promotion. My current active subscriptions are as follows:

Birchbox, $10 monthly
I've been a subscriber for 2 years now, and I absolutely love the service. Not just for the samples but the points you're able to accrue. Every 2 months or so I've saved up enough for $10 in their store. I've bought around $200 or more worth of items through them simply using credit. It's an excellent service, in my opinion. Especially for beginners in makeup, or people looking to change up their routines and maybe find better products for their skin/hair.

Ipsy, $10 monthly
I've also been subscribed to this service for several years, back when it used to be called MyGlam. This service I think has the most bang for the buck overall. I would call it my favorite service by far, that I've experienced. I average 2 full size products a month, AND every month comes with the cutest makeup bags. They also seem to listen more to my choices and what I love than I've seen Birchbox do through the years. Well worth the $10/month.

Love with Food, $12 monthly
I started using this service over a year ago, when a previous box I enjoyed called the Goodie Box discontinued it's service. I haven't regretted once keeping this service. My fiance even signed up, and recently bought a year subscription for himself at a reduced price because he knows he enjoys it that much. Just this month I raided their online store when they had major sales on some of my favorite products I've gotten through this past year, because some I can't find in my state.

Graze, $6 weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly
I've been subscribed for a year to this service, and constantly switch between monthly and bi-weekly payments/boxes because I absolutely love the snacks. What I love most about the service is unlike most other boxes, they allow you to see EVERYTHING they have and tell them what you absolutely do not want. You're able to customize in such a way you'll only get what you want or are okay trying. So everything I get is custom tailored to my tastes. Well worth the money.

Loot Crate, $19.37 monthly
I've been subscribed to this for a little over a year and despite the high price, I stay subscribed because I absolutely love it. On average I get a shirt every other month, but sometimes multiple months in a row, always valuing total $15 or more. You also frequently get promo codes for future purchases at the companies they do business with. So far I've actually purchased from companies like and because of their service introducing me to them. And that's not even the half of what you get. It's the perfect box for gamers, lovers of graphic novels, anime and nerd/geek culture alike. Everything from Pop Vinyl figures, gear from upcoming games/major gaming companies (see their Titanfall box, or Valve box), and more. They theme their boxes monthly, and everything within will fit that theme. Is the theme Space? You'll most likely get items from the Star Wars universe, or Star Trek - and perhaps even Firefly. It's a super fun service I recommend highly at least trying. They frequently have promos to get $3 off any box, sometimes even half off. So keep an eye out.

Bulu Box, $10 monthly
I subscribed after seeing many positive reviews for months, when they had a promotion to get 3 months for the price of 1. I'll be reviewing this until February, and then I'll be deciding if I'd like to keep the service.

Each box has been embedded with my referral links, I'd greatly appreciate anyone using them in the future. Also, I will always state if I'm going to remain subscribed to any other boxes after trying them. Because this list is always subject to change.

Sometime within the next week I'll be posting an entry about myself, primarily my skin type and hair type so you can understand the type of perspective I'll have on these products as I try them. And I hope to have a full list up soon of my current products I use daily, in hopes they may help someone else like myself. But for now, thank you for checking out my blog, and I hope it can help you decide whether or not to try these services in the future.

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