Monday, December 15, 2014

Graze Review - December 2014 + Promo Code!

Graze is one of my favorites, a subscription service that sends out 4 individually packaged snack samplers - all wholesome, and truly good for you. You get the nutrition information in each box, and each package shows what it has to offer. For example one of my favorites, Cracking Black Pepper Cashews has at least 2 sources of Vitamins & Minerals, and is a good source of Protein. They're perfect for small indulgences, or to throw as a snack into your Gym or Lunch bags. The best part of the service? You can see every product they have to offer on their site, and they allow you to rate how you enjoyed the snacks, or even if you'd never like to try certain ones at all. Be it due to an allergy, or perhaps because you don't like certain foods, you can customize your snacking experience. Set your snacks to Love if you want to receive them frequently, or Trash to never see them (again)!

What's the cost, you say? $6 weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Ships across the US, but there's also a UK version of the service. You can select their traditional nibblebox, which opens you up to all their options or if you're watching your calories try their calorie counter box. Every box has snacks ranging from 50-150 calories, and all the traditional flavor.

My box arrived on December 8th, very quickly after it was shipped. Snacks were perfectly fresh. Sorry I didn't get individual pictures of all the snacks, I'll be sure to next month. Something came up.

My opinion? I think I've already said all the reasons why this box is amazing, and this month did not change my opinion one bit. In fact, it solidified it. I've finally gotten it almost perfectly tailored to my liking. I'm more of a savory/nut person, and so I don't always enjoy the fruit or dippers they send me. But we've almost gotten it down to a science. I only disliked ONE thing from this box, and it wasn't the taste, more the consistency. I'll give a full rundown of my opinions on each snack below.

The Oat, Spelt & Raisin Dippers were the clear loser of the bunch. The delicious Berry Compote didn't disappoint, though I'd love to have had something a bit denser for it. The dippers were very dry, and fell apart upon being touched. They tasted fine but had no body or depth. I would've liked to see some shortbread perhaps, but a denser less dry shortbread. I get it though, healthy for me. I added it to my trash bin but others may truly enjoy it. Especially those counting their calories, as it comes in at 140 calories and contains whole oats, so it's a hearty snack.

Herby Bread Basket is one of my all time favorites, and I'm always excited to get it. NOTHING disappoints and all the flavors go perfectly together. Best of all? Only 100 calories. And really a filling, and hearty snack. You have beautiful little basil breadsticks, which are rich and have a super nice crisp crunch to them. And then garlic crostini, which are dense and super flavorful. And finally oregano rice crackers, which are one of my favorite things ever and are too dangerous for me to be around. They're herby, and sweet, and lightly crispy. A perfect savory snack.

Speaking of perfect savory snacks, the Cracking Black Pepper Cashews top my list of all time favorites. They're heavily peppered, so they give a nice burning mouth feel, they're perfectly lightly salted and roasted so you get that sweet depth from them. The flavors are perfect with one another. This one isn't low calorie, so I'm sorry you calorie counters won't be seeing it. But the 210 calories are so worth it. You're getting healthy fats, Magnesium (23% dv), Zinc (13% dv), Iron (11% dv), Calcium (2% dv) and a hefty amount of Protein (6g/12% dv). It's wonderful.

And finally we have Rock the Casbah. Sweet chopped dates, seemingly only partially dehydrated because they're still nice and moist and chewy. Perfect seemingly blanched/raw Walnuts and what seems to me roasted Pumpkin Seeds. This BARELY falls out of the low calorie zone, at 160 calories, and contains a lot of nice nutrients - so good for you in fact it's a nutritionist pick. You get once again those healthy fats, Magnesium (19% dv), Phosphorous (15% dv), Iron (7% dv) and Calcium (2% dv) along with 4g of Protein. I love it all, it's very raw and healthy tasting but still super flavorful.

See this link for more information on this month's box. If you'd like to subscribe, you can go to Graze now and enter the promo code 4T67GZZTR to get your 1st and 5th boxes free.

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