Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ipsy Review - December 2014

Ipsy is probably my all time favorite subscription service, tied closely with Love With Food. I frequently get full sized products from them and they're almost always exactly perfect for both my skin tone/type/hair type, AND personality. After taking a quick quiz to show them exactly what your style is, you're put on a waitlist. Eventually, you become an Ipsy subscriber and you can look forward to deluxe samples and full size products from brands like Cailyn, Nyx, tarte, Pixi, Elizabeth Mott, Be A Bombshell, OPI and many more!

The best part of this service for me however, is that every month instead of a box, you get a one of a kind makeup bag to contain all your goodies. I may do a post eventually showing my favorites I've received so far. They're always high quality, and have stunning detail. I haven't had a single one fall apart on me in any way. For every review you do, and product you share on facebook you get ipsyPoints and once you rack up enough, you can get exclusive items as rewards. You also get major discounts on all the brands you receive items from. This service is well worth your money.

How much money exactly? A mere $10 a month. Ships across the US and it's territories, APO, DPO, FPO and Canada.

It arrived December 11th. The bag consistently for me arrives anywhere from the 10th-12th, though sometimes I get lucky and it arrives earlier.

My opinion? The makeup bag this month isn't the most stunning or unique bag they've had so far visually, however it's quality is excellent, and it's more spacious and easy to use than some of their past ones which had a front zipper on a flat bag. A little difficult to fit things into neatly. The dark, deep wine/plum mixture of a color accents the black exceptionally well, making for a more elegant and sleek bag. As for the items? Brilliant as ever. Multiple items were favorites in this bag for varied reasons. Let's examine them more closely for a more detailed review.

Beauty Without Cruelty is a cruelty free brand (no animal testing and vegan ingredients), and this particular product is paraben free, and PH balanced. Among it's ingredients are Lavender, Honeysuckle, Camomile, Cucumber and Aloe Vera extracts. Along with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Geranium & Sweet Orange oils. The '3% A.H.A.' part of the title means it contains 3% beta-hydroxy-acids which slows the effects of aging, improving fine lines and wrinkles, and offers a deep cleansing. The sample size I recieved is a deluxe sample and I've gotten 5+ uses out of it so far. 2.8oz compared to the full size of 8.5oz. 

I've tried this product and I've got to say, from the view of someone with extremely sensitive skin, this product is VERY gentle and very effective. I felt it cleansed my face without stripping away positive oils, leaving it dry, and without aggravating my skin problems. In fact after several uses, I noticed slightly clearer skin. I might pick this up in the future in replacement of my Cetaphil. It's surprisingly affordable, and I love that it's 100% vegan. Ipsy offered me with this product 15% off all products through Beauty Without Cruelty. They don't currently have this cleanser on their site for purchase or I'd definitely use that code.

CAILYN Cosmetics Just Mineral Eye Polish, $15.00 @ CAILYN Cosmetics Website
I received a FULL SIZE sample in the color Orchid. CAILYN is notorious for sending out full size products instead of samples, and they never have disappointed me. The color payoff is very nice, it's a beautiful shimmery pink. Almost light enough to call it more of a highlight. But it blends VERY nicely, and looks absolutely stunning. Wearing it alone with white eyeliner makes your eyes just brighten completely and gives them life and depth. Absolutely perfect shade for someone like me who can't really wear dark colors. And it brings out the pink in my skin tone. 

It has a wonderful soft sponge applicator, and it's 100% minerals so you don't get the smudging and caking you can get from normal eyeshadows. Even a small sample would have lasted me a long time, but being given a full size sample makes this even more wonderful. By far my favorite in the bag. And with 20% off storewide curtesy of ipsy, I'll be buying at least 1-2 other shades.

NYX Butter Lip Balm, $4.00 @ Nyx Cosmetics Website
I received a FULL SIZE lip balm in the color Marshmallow which is a pure nude shade. It's highly pigmented, and smells and tastes very sweet and candy like. The pure nude pairs wonderfully with a nice mauve or pink lip gloss when doing a dramatic eye. Saves me from having to apply a nude lipstick and then gloss, all on top of a good lip balm. It does well moisturizing, and while it feels a bit thick isn't too overwhelming texture wise. 

I pair it with one of my favorite lip gloss by Juice Beauty in the shades Pink or Fig. You once again get a nifty discount of 25% off NYX Cosmetics Glam Collection.

tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 Mascara, $20.00 @ tarte Cosmetics website
This mascara is a deluxe sample, and claims to be a true 4-in-1. Lengthening, Curling, Volumizing and Conditioning. I already have very long, thick eyelashes that happen to be pretty dark thankfully. So I'm not the biggest user of mascara, I use it to make my eyes more dramatic on nights out or something of the like, though, so I'm always happy to try new samples. Out of all the mascaras I've ever used this is hands down my favorite. My problem with mascaras is because my eyelashes are so thick and long, most mascaras bog them down and make them feel heavy and honestly like I'm wearing fake ones. They also clump, and feel generally disgusting. 

This formula, however goes on very light and smooth, and stays that way. I already have naturally curled eyelashes but it gives them an extra oomph, and looks like it lengthens them a tiny bit. The best part though is it truly seems to condition. It's soft, light weight and doesn't leave my lashes feeling dry or brittle. I'll use this from now on. I'm so pleased to see high end brands like tarte I've always wanted to try in my Ipsy bag, and with a 20% discount through tarte, I just may be able to get a nice palette I've eyed for a long time.

I've yet to use this product, because I don't blow dry my hair, but I'm hoping it works the same with general heat from heating tools. I'll be sure to update this once I have more information on it, but I'm going to preface it with saying I don't like the Sexy Hair brand, and never have. I've gotten countless products through Ipsy from them over the years and have never found one I liked. But I'll keep giving them chances. If it doesn't work out for me however, I'm sure it could go into someones stocking. The best thing about subscription boxes is even if you don't love something, you're always surrounded by people who will.

Total value? Over $30 with two full sized products and two three truly deluxe samples - well worth the $10 price. There's a reason I've stayed subscribed for so long. ADORE. Will use every product!

If you'd like to subscribe, head over to Ipsy now and take your style quiz!

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