Monday, December 15, 2014

Phone Case of the Month Review - December 2014 + Promo Code!

My first review as you can see from the title, will not actually be a Beauty Box service, but is a subscription service I really enjoyed trying out and may remain subscribed to for at least another couple of months.

Phone Case of the Month is a subscription service that delivers exactly what it sounds like - limited edition phone cases for both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones monthly. There are several unique cases each month so you may not get the same ones I get, but I doubt you'll be disappointed. They all have truly unique and interesting designs. And while they're not the heavy duty protective cases you most likely own, especially if you own an iPhone like myself, they're really cute fun ones you can slap on whenever you're going out on special occasions or when you want to have some fun.

Wondering about the cost? $10 monthly. Ships all across the US and internationally for an extra $5.

This arrived in the mail on December 6th, after being shipped out December 2nd. I live in Texas, and it came out of Nevada so it's a quick trip here. It may vary depending on where you are in the country (or longer if you're an international customer).

So what do I think? I'm in love with it. I don't know how they hit the nail on the head with me but I'm currently obsessing over owls. I have a fluffy white owl on my tree, I bought an owl themed laptop bag, and an owl necklace. A month later, this arrives. And its faux-wood design is very appealing to me. I love earthy tones and themes, and dark finishes to wood. As you can see from the table in the background of all my photos. So this perfectly suits me, and I like that it wasn't really themed per se, so I don't have to use it only a certain time of the year. It's truly an any time case. Also as a bonus to this subscription, you get little stickers and other nicknacks and you can also download the image used for your case as a wallpaper on their site, which is pretty nifty. Because it's so beautiful, and so cheap, I think I'll stay subscribed for at least another couple of months.

If you liked the look of this subscription service, and are wanting to try it out yourself, you can go to Phone Case of the Month now and enter the code arm8zaoUWZaE for $5 off your first case, a 50% discount.

*If you have iPhone 6, wait until January of next year, they'll be updating to accommodate you!

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